Thursday, June 18, 2009

Speaking in Code

As you take a tour of this blog, you will notice that the trailer for Speaking in Code will become somewhat of a permanent fixture on this home page. While it was several years in the making, I only recently became active with this project several months ago when I found out it would be dedicated to Tim Haslett, an old friend who passed away suddenly in 2008. 

Though he would never have made these claims, Tim did in fact catalyze a movement in the late 80s/early 90s to introduce electronic and techno music from Europe, which ironically originated in Detroit but was shunned in the US. I met Tim in college, and he - more than anyone else - helped to shape who I am today:  my taste in music, my perspective on the world, and my preference for Earl Grey tea. Listen to Tim on WZBC and WZLY which can be found on Blancodisco.

Fast forward to today and the Speaking in Code project. 

This film reveals a series of six character studies and vérité views of electronic music, in an intimate way not seen since The Decline of Western Civilization opened up the world of the LA punk scene. It's a window into a world filled with warehouse parties, endless gigs, international travel, risks, inventions, triumphs and breakdowns. It's a story about the electronic music scene told from the inside-out:  intimate, raw, and vivid.

Speaking in Code was an official selection in the 2009 Boston International Film Festival and will continue to be screened at music and film festivals throughout the world in 2009. Sign up on the website or on Facebook for further details. 

WTF?? You promised there would be no guns...
...being fired while having sex.

Yes, yippee kai yay, I couldn't help myself. If I promise to put away the gun, will you promise to put away the meat mallet?

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